Watching the Sunset

Hello, everyone.  It has been a long time, but this night I could not sleep, because a few lines of this short (very short) story kept coming to mind as I was trying to sleep.  Earlier I was watching a movie called Testament (1983), and the line started to form from watching the movie.  I recommend watching it for it is an excellent movie with great acting, actors that became very famous later in their careers.

I hope you enjoy the story, thank you.

Watching the Sunset

I have been waiting a long time to come here, to walk away from civilization. I managed to make it after all this time of traveling to the perfect place. I remember the hussle and bustle of the city, the constant screens that captured my attention. I did not have time to just sit and reflect on the beauty that I was watching before my eyes at this moment.

I wish I had made it here sooner, but the time was never there,

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My Path (An EarthDawn Journey)

Below is a story that I wrote down for one of the characters that I played in EarthDawn.  It is a story that is dear to my heart, and I would like to share it with everyone.  Enjoy!!


Journal by Natalie, the Wife of Khal

I loved him, at least I thought that I loved him at the time. I did not know how my life would change, and I would never have expected it to be as it is now. My family and I lived, what we understand now, underground in what is called a Kaer, which is a giant cavern beneath the surface. The Kaer was our home for many years, and for my parents, it seemed like a lifetime. It was our home, and we did not know anything else, so we lived as best as we could, and since none of my family members, few as they were, were adepts, we did not get any of the privileges that an Adept would get. Continue reading “My Path (An EarthDawn Journey)”

The Stories Continue

I hope everyone had a good thanksgiving.  Mine was good just spent it with family, and had a potluck with work mates on black Friday.  Now for the news and the reason I am writing to all of you.

Two stories are now being added to the site, click on the menu item that reads ‘Stories on the Journey’.

  1.  The Island at the End of Eternity.
  2. R.I.P. (Rest in Peace)

Hope you enjoy reading them, I will be adding chapters every week.  Please provide feedback or send me a note.


Thank you.

Would you like a signed copy of the first book?

How would like a signed copy of the first book, for FREE!!!! Yes I said it for FREE…. I have four left which I would like to give away to some of the folks that keep coming to the site to check out any new updates.

To get the Free signed copy please go to the ‘Contact Me’ page, and send me a note with subject FREE BOOK, please include a message you would like and your address.

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Stories on the Journey

I am still working on Thahar and the game world of Al’nar, but as we all know life can be a very distracting thing.  Work, family life, church worship and volunteering time kinda runs out.  Okay and sometime I just feel lazy, but I am working on that to try and get more on this site.  The good news is that you can now start to read the stories that are part of the journey of the world of Al’nar.

The first journeys are in book form, which you can get from Amazon or order the softcover, see links in the footer.  The rest of the journeys I will start publishing here a chapter at a time for everyone to read and enjoy.  Some of the stories are linked to others but they can be read on their own without too much missing information.

To read those new stories now you can go the menu bar and click on ‘Stories on the Journey’


Thank you.

Paper Print of the First Book

Now you can own the physical book.  I have added a link so you can purchase it and have in your hands to read.  I know sometimes you want to stay away from all this electronic media and just relax.  I hope you enjoy the book and keep me posted on any comments you might have.


Thank you.

Short Story – Immortal in a Dead World

Dreams have always been vivid in my life and sometimes they take a life of their own.  Sometimes stories emerge that I do not expect.  Immortal in a Dead World is not part of the Journey to Al’nar stories but it had to be written.  It is a fairly short read and I enjoyed writing it.  I had to write this story because I kept thinking of the dream for some days.  After that I said have to start writing to get the dream out of my head.  The title came to me as a surprise and I thought it fit, but I only had, maybe at most, the first few lines in my head.

After I started writing there was no stopping and I had to finish it.  Some Characters will take you on their journey and this was the case in this story.  The story built itself and I was very excited writing it.

I put on amazon as a promo for free so I hope you head over there and GET IT.

Book II in the works

Well at this point I am in the process of putting together Book II of the Journey to Al’nar, which will have some more detail about the characters from Book I.  Also Book II will introduce other characters that have answered the call.  It is a long Journey to Al’nar but I think it will be worth it in the end.

I hope to fill the gaps and answer some of the question that people have about the timeline and characters.

Keeping coming back here for information as time goes on.