Watching the Sunset

Hello, everyone.  It has been a long time, but this night I could not sleep, because a few lines of this short (very short) story kept coming to mind as I was trying to sleep.  Earlier I was watching a movie called Testament (1983), and the line started to form from watching the movie.  I recommend watching it for it is an excellent movie with great acting, actors that became very famous later in their careers.

I hope you enjoy the story, thank you.

Watching the Sunset

I have been waiting a long time to come here, to walk away from civilization. I managed to make it after all this time of traveling to the perfect place. I remember the hussle and bustle of the city, the constant screens that captured my attention. I did not have time to just sit and reflect on the beauty that I was watching before my eyes at this moment.

I wish I had made it here sooner, but the time was never there,

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