Chapter Fourteen – Wounded

“Danger, Unknown creature…. ten feet” Philomena had already been warning Jasmine of the approaching menace since it reached the fifty yard range. Jasmine was frozen staring at the thing at the entrance of the shelter.  It was about four feet tall, standing on bend legs with arms which ended in claws.  She could see the…… Continue reading Chapter Fourteen – Wounded

Chapter Thirteen – Hunger

Jasmine’s brain begins to work hard on producing an image of a wolf.  The questioning expression on her face was telling of her inability to produce an image to match the wolf.  In a low calm, yet trembling voice she asks, “Do you have an image of this wolf?” “Accessing… old image retrieved…” Jasmine looks…… Continue reading Chapter Thirteen – Hunger

Chapter Eleven – The Island

“Request complete…” the door to the front cabin slides open, Gregory and Jasmine take a step into the rear cabin laughing in the midst of conversion. “I see you are laughing now, but soon you will die for your crimes.”  Mr. Bill stands slowly while pointing his gun at them. Gregory and Jasmine seize talking…… Continue reading Chapter Eleven – The Island

Chapter Ten – Fire and Ice

“I don’t know what to think, either this is the most amazing view I have ever seen or the most terrifying.”  Gregory finally breaks their silence. “I was thinking the same thing.” As they start looking around the fiery mountain, they notice all around it is ice and snow, which is in the process of…… Continue reading Chapter Ten – Fire and Ice

Chapter Nine – Purge

The scene in front of them was nothing they had seen before.  The horizon was moving, they were facing the open sea when the vehicle went to full stop, but now land was appearing to the right of them, and they could see tall building start to sway from side to side, then one crumbles…… Continue reading Chapter Nine – Purge