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Flames of Darkness

A long time ago peace reigned in this paradise, a land without fear, hate, and lust. In peace there are no challenges, need for change, no need to fight in order to survive. Many years had gone by since the people of this land lived happiness entertaining each other fore there was no need to hunt, no need to plant, for everything was in abundance. The trees grew by their own will. The animals lived in total acceptance with each other. The people lived for unknown number of years, only went into a state of eternal sleep, and their bodies’ lay to rest with no tears shed. The past long forgotten, and the future was yesterday, today, tomorrow and always. All the people lived under the lighted sky together, although different from each other, none noticed.

As a child you grew up in a different world, one filled with anxiety, and fear. Looking around you did notice the differences between you and others. You only had a few moments to play, which was many years ago. Most of the time you were in the presence of elders, teaching you, pushing you to learn of it be the ways of faith, knowledge, power, speed and body. You asked them how come my friends are not with me in class? They say they are learning as well, but different from what you are learning. Although at the beginning you did not comprehend, much of what they spoke off, in time you seemed to understand more of what they are teaching you. Time past on, and you learned of great dangers that threaten your home, and its people. They speak of times when this was paradise, but you have not seen it. They speak of times when everyone was free to wonder the land, no walls would hold them in, but you do not see how that could be possible. For all you have known was the struggle to survive, which is what they have tried to teach you, but they fear it is not enough. You see it in their eyes; defeat and fear cover their faces like a dark night, which is filled with unrest.

The days press on, and the night comes as blazing fires shine bright.In time you notice that all the elders are afraid of the night, and tend to hold a flame close by to ward of the shadows. To you the dark is as natural as the light, and the night is as the day, for that is what you have seen since you can remember. The elders speak to you of a time when The Chay was the only thing in the sky shining on them for all of those years. Then Chay-Maar moved across the sky and brought the darkness and death with it.

One day, as you finish studying on our own, your elders, a male with lines of age and a female, her smile tainted with sadness, sit down next to you. “Young one, you have been with us most of your life, and we have taught all we can teach. We stopped teaching you years ago, but you learned on your own, for you have a gift, that we have seen in you as a child, and guided you in that path, for your survival and ours. In time you will teach others, and maybe they will have a gift and surpass even you. Now it is time for us to end these lessons and we will say what we know of this terrible thing that has befallen all of us.

As they both begin to relate to you their tales, your mind begins to fill with fear, for they speak as if you will never see them again, or they will not see you again.

The Elders:

“Once we lived in happier times, and on happier ground, paradise. Things have changed; we were alive then, those many years ago, before Chay-Maar crossed the sky, and darkness enveloped the sky. Creatures appeared in the dark, we called them Marb, most of us perished to their unquenchable lust for our blood. We had to learn and use knowledge long forgotten, and rusted from ill use. These things we have taught you were taught to us by Lamech, as he called himself when we first seen him. He came to us before the time of Chay-Maar, telling us that darkness would come and with it evil as he called it.

We did not understand what he was relating to us, but he continued to tell us to prepare, and started to teach some of the curious, which they used as entertainment themselves at that time. Lamech the wise did not stop until most of us had a grasp of these arts. He spent much time with us as he did with others around the land, we found out after we all had to live inside the walls that he went to all to tell them of these darker times. Lemach the Wise also had a book with him that he never opened, which none of us new what a book was, until he taught us how to read and create such books. When Lamech left us to travel, he asked if anyone of us would like to travel with him, and one of us did go with him. Later when we meet others that had been taught by Lemach the Wise, related to us that he asked the same of one of them. Then the time of Chay-Maar came and then the ones who remembered some of the teaching of Lamech the Wise lived to see The Chay light in the sky again. We thought we had triumphed against the darkness, but alas Shay-Mar came again and with it the evil. We were able to move south, and meet others to warn them of the coming Marb, which they have not seen yet, but as Lamech the wise taught them as well. In time we were able to build a wall around our home, and keep the Marb outside so we could live and train. We fought to live, and we lived to learn, hoping that one day The Chay will destroy Chay-Maar.

Lemach also foretold that there will be darker times than this, and there will be more terrible things to come. His prophecy of Doom, we could not understand, for how can we see darkness when our eyes had seen only light. Many things that Lamech the Wise told us had been forgotten, but one of the things that all of us seem to remember is that there is an old book that lies underneath one of old forgotten places the north. He said the book is called “Flames of Darkness,” and in order to rid us of the darkness we must find the book and learn within it the secret of how to liberate this world of Shay-Mar. We have trained you so maybe you will be one of the few, we have taught, to find the book. To the north there are the mountains of the wastes, for we believe there is where all these creatures are coming from, but we cannot be sure.

At the base of the mountain we believe there be the Sunken Circle, there you and the others might find this book. In the morn you will meet with others to travel together in your search, much we do not understand, but at coming of The Chay we will answer as many questions as we can, and what you might face on your journey. Rest now if you can, for now we will pray to The Chay to come light sky again.”

You sleep, as your mind fills with dreams, nightmares, and visions you do not understand. In hopes to calm yourself, you think of what you have been taught, and know with knowledge comes power, and with power survival.

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