Dark Emotion


Don’t you feel it creeping in
like the tide coming again
Don’t you hear it calling you
like thunder ringing for a fool
like the ocean it’s so cool
Don’t you smell it on your skin
like the filth that you live in

Dark emotion flowing through
from the hatred that you brew
Dark emotion grabbing you
from that pain that you do
Dark emotion in your eyes
from the visions of your cries
Dark emotion cuts your tongue
from all the lies that you have sprung

Can’t you feel the other side
were pleasure will arise
Can’t you hear the singing again
were the city has no pain
Can’t you see the smile on your face
were life has only one pace
Can’t you smell the flowers in bloom
were it’s far from all that doom

Dark emotion slipping away again
for it has drained me from all the pain
Dark emotion in my dreams
for in my realties I can see
Dark emotion in my heart
for the blood circulates as it falls apart
Dark emotion comes back in
for it will only free me again