Race: Aeon – Information

Below is a snippet of information from the Player’s Handbook about the Aeon Race. More information will be added or adjusted until the book is complete.

History:  The Aeon race, according to what has been pieced together, chose to come to this land.  The stories for earlier generations talk about a remarkable decision that the race made after a great war.  They choose to live among the other races in paradise, which now is lost.  They are the last race to come to this land and live among the others.  After the separation, Rukha, the elder of the race, proclaimed that a vision came to him from The Chay.  Revealing to him that they should go south, away from the river Urie and the fleeing path.  Rukha recalled a story from Lemach the Wise that spring of life would be found there, calling for the Aeon race to follow their faith in The Chay.  The spring was found, and it was named Rukha Spring, and next to it, the Village of Rukha was built.

Social:   The Aeons are very devoted to their beliefs. Those beliefs are an extension of their faith in a higher power, which guides their souls.  Hence, with a faith so strong with this race, they get a +2 racial bonus to the faith stat.  This race has no distinction between males and females. In fact, they do not develop sexual organs until later in life.  The Aeons find a companion, and when the relationship moves to a deeper meaning and total devotion.  At that point, a ceremony is held to celebrate their decision to be together. After the ceremony, the couple prays together for a call on who is to be the male and female, which decides who will bear the children. After that decision, the sexual organs develop in each to produce a child.  Slight changes of features develop in the male and female:  The female’s features become a little softer. Her breasts develop to feed the coming child, while the males get a more defined look and physique. After 7 days from the ceremony, the female can produce children. 

Language:  The Aeons have developed their own language as time moved on, which sounds harsh compared to their beauty and grace. It contains words with many ka, sha, rou, and they seem to have the vocal cords for it.  The language seems harsh, and at times some of the words seem to have a deep echo when spoken by an Aeon. The language is called Kalamat.  They are also able to speak the common tongue to communicate with other races. However, that same distorted echo comes through at times.

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