Chapter Eight – Off Course

“Thirty second sonic speed disengaging gradually to full stop.”  The digitized voice comes back on as the vehicle starts to slow down.

Gregory and Jasmine are now able to feel less pressure against them, for they were pinned to the seat.

“What a mess,” Gregory finally gasps for air.  He turns to his wife smiling with a worried look in his eyes, “by the way you are a genius.”  Jasmine breaks her silence with a laugh.

“What do we do now?”  He continues as the vehicle reaches a full stop and he stands up.

“Let’s check if they are alive,” She stands up and goes to the control panel and starts working on it via the screen.  “Voice command control active, please program controller’s voice.”  “Jasmine 1109AED65, program name Philomena”  “Voice control programmed, code programmed, name programmed.”

“I guess we never talked about what your actual job function is, well was…I guess you don’t have one now.”  Gregory starts to laugh.

“I guess not, I will have to tell you later.”  She gives him a wide eyed smile as she to faces him, “Philomena scan active medical program and scan for all citizens on board.”

“Medical program activated, scanning…. two citizens in front cabin with no life signs.  Three in rear cabin, two with vital functions in normal range, slight elevated heartbeat.  One, vital sign in fatal condition, overall life signs weak, emergency medical transmission commencing…”

“Philomena, delay transmission, and disconnect link from grid.”  “Transmission stopped, link deactivated.”

“I love you,” Gregory could not say anything but that, he was amazed at her composure and brilliance.  He had never before cared what job function she had or really anything about her.  God had opened his eyes to her beauty of body, mind and now soul.

Jasmine reaches for him and gives him a kiss, “I love you to, but now we have to get rid of the bodies in the front cabin.  We are about two miles from the cost.”

He does not question for he knows they cannot go back because their lives were forfeit over a month ago now.  Their eyes were open to the truth and there was no turning back at this point.  Gregory moves to the forward cabin while Jasmine issues a command, “Philomena, open exit door,..” the digitized voice interrupts, “vehicle is hovering at two hundred feet, safety programming…” “Philomena, disengage safety programming, open exit door.”  Jasmine does not wait for it to complete the statement.

“Override programmed, opening exit door.”

The door opens and a rush of wind floods the cabin.  Then Jasmine heads over to help Gregory and with some effort they manage to push the bodies towards the exit doors, “we should say a prayer for them!”  Jasmine stops herself and holds Gregory’s arm for him to stop.

“You are right,”  They both close the eyes as they lay the bodies in front of the exit door, “Lord we are sorry that these two have passed and we pray for your help and mercy on them.”  Jasmine opens her eyes first.  They glance at each other for a moment and then push the bodies out of the vehicle and watch them fall to the body of water below them.

“Philomena, close exit door, reprogram safety parameters.”

“Closing,” the door starts to slide shut, “Safety programming re-engaged.”

Jasmine goes to the back panel behind the seats, “Philomena, open medical access door.”  “Opening.”  A small opening starts to appear as a door slides open.  Jasmine grabs the kit, which included a medical gun and three different color vials, red, blue, and violet.

“Philomena, which vial would allow the best chance of healing to person with weak live signs.”

“The chemical combination of….”  “No time for details, what colors?

“The Violet and Blue combination would give the best chance of recovery over time.”

Jasmine inserts the violet vial into the back of the gun and places the gun on Mr. Bill’s neck.  She pulls the trigger and the liquid starts to flow into his veins and they start to change color to match the liquid that was injected.  She then grabs the blue one and inserts it into the gun.  She injects that into Mr. Bill as well, and then she takes the gun and the red vial and puts them in her backpack.  Gregory in the meantime goes to the front cabin to check it out.

Jasmine moves Mr. Bill gently to his back and lifts his legs on the other seat, she notices his gun on the deck and picks it up and puts that in her backpack.  She then starts to search Mr. Bill and finds what she is looking for, his device.  She goes to the control panel with it and pulls hers out.  She starts working on both of them, one in each hand.  She finishes reprogramming and transferring of her files, then she inserts Mr. Bill’s device into the slot.

“Philomena, reconnect link.”  “Link enabled…signal weak…connected.”

Gregory comes back from searching the front cabin, “nothing is damaged from what I can see and there is not much there to use, just Syntech food pellets.”

“That might come in handy, but now let’s see what is going on and what information we can get from the ISDA office.”

He comes, turns and stands next to her, “what do you mean?”

“Watch, we will find out”  “Philomena, activate view panel and connect to Syntech news agency.”

“Connecting…signal weak…connected.”

The panel slides shut and the image comes into view.  The person that was on before was in a panic, blood streaming from the side of her face and the place where she was at was in complete disarray.  The image was fuzzy and lines kept appearing every few seconds.  “The shift was much more than anticipated and now we are getting word that it is spreading acros…..”  “connection lost, link down, view screen disengaged.”  The panel slides open again to show the front of the cabin and both of them can see the outside.  They had not had time to notice it before, but it seemed like they were moving.  “Philomena, are you at full stop.”  “Affirmative.  Full stop still active.”

“Jasmine, come and look,” Gregory moves forward and now he can see one hundred and eighty degree view of what is in front of him.  Jasmine moves forward next to him and slowly sits down on the blood stained seat.77

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