Chapter Three – First Day

Julie steps off the bus, and stands in front of the hospital, gazing at the beautiful sight, her salvation, her way out of hell. As she starts to walk in to the building thinking, how wonderful it will be to work for real, no more books or training, just her and the patient. She starts walking down the halls, to the employee center, to get her coat and badge, her nostrils inhale the smell, “I can get used to this.” She reaches the employee center, with a smile.

“Hi, my name is Julie, I’m the new nurse.” it comes out with pride.

The lady behind the counter, her badge said her name is Crystal, looks at her, and then down to a piece of computer generated paper, “Julie Jones,” Crystal looks up.

“Yes, that’s me,” Julie speaks with her head up high. Crystal then turns her head, and shouts out, “Doctor Shelly your appointment is here.”

A woman in here late forties, with long black and white streaked hair, emerges from the back room.

“Thank you Crystal.”

“You’re welcome doctor.”

Shelly walks towards Julie, and puts a hand out. “I’m Doctor Shelly, as you have already heard!” A slight grin creeps across her lips.

“I’m Julie.” Her hand goes out to meet the doctors. They shake hands.

“Ok, let’s head down this hallway,” they proceed down the hallway, and doctor Shelly continues her introduction, “I will try to explain as much as I can about your duties here for the next few weeks, Oh! First of all did they explain the wages and benefits with you?”

“No, nobody did… I guess I forgot to ask, I was so happy to get the job, and it just slipped my mind”

“No problem, I will go over them now and get it out of the way. Since you just became an LPN, and you had good experience as a CN, which I noticed in your resume that you worked with our long term care facility on the eastside, your hourly wage is $22.00 per hour, and you will work thirty six hours per week, in twelve hour shifts. All medical insurance is paid by the hospital, starting from the first week of employment, and you can also move to the apartment complex that is next to the hospital, with no security deposit and just $600 per month rent. Also….” Doctor Shelly suddenly realizes that Julie is no longer next to her, she turns around, and finds here, standing with wide eyes and an open mouth.

Doctor Shelly walks back to her, “are you all right Julie? …Julie!”

“Yeah, I’m…I’m all right. I just can’t believe that I’m going to get all that.”

“You worked very hard for this Julie, you deserve it. Last but not least of course is if you stick around for over six months you get the one thousand and five hundred dollar bonus.”

“That is more that I expected, thank you doctor.”

“Don’t thank me, it is what you worked for. Ok then lets continue with your first day, shall we.”

“I can’t wait.”

An hour of conversation passes on between them, about specific jobs and duties, which Julie has to take care off for the next two weeks until she is familiar with the hospital. “This is the nurse’s locker room and this is your locker, here is the key, go ahead open it”. Julie takes the key and opens the locker, she notices a couple of nurses outfits hanging in the locker, as well as her badge, and key card. “That is to get you started, and then you can buy more uniforms from a few different stores that sell them, which you will get a discount for working her, your folder with all the info is on the top shelf”

Julie stares at the contents of the locker, her locker, and then reaches into it and pulls out the badge and keycard.

“You can swipe the keycard right her, behind your locker next to the entry way, and that would be how you will check in to work every day and also check out. Shelley motions for her to go ahead and swipe it.

Julie reaches out and swipes her keycard into the scanner, and a few seconds later the display shows her name, “Welcome to work Julie.” The monotone female’s voice comes out of the machine.

“aaahhh, now you are officially working.” Shelley’s hand reaches out and pats Julie on the shoulder, and Julie could not help but smile and be happy.

“So you think you’re up to it, Julie.”

“I think so.”

“We seem a little nervous.”

“Oh no, just thinking about the things I need to be doing, that’s all.”

“Okay then, any more questions before I leave you to your work.”

“No I don’t think so. You did a great job exp…”

A voice behind the intercom sounds out her name “Julie Jones, Julie Jones, please report to the administrator’s office!” Julie shocked, stares at Doctor Shelly, and waits for an answer, for that she did not have possession off. Shelly looks up at here confused eyes, “Don’t worry, probably just wants to meet you, you have not done anything wrong yet.” says with a smile, to ease the woman who stands in front of her. Julie now occupied with a single question on her mind, “what does the administrator want?”

“It just comes as a surprise that is all.”

“I understand, you know where you have to go?”


“The elevator is down this hallway, and then left. Take the elevator to the 7th floor, and then you will see a sign which displays administrator and an arrow pointing to the right on it, from that point on just follow the signs, okay.”

“Okay, thanks doctor, I will see you.”

“Bye Julie, go ahead and change into your uniform first and then got to the administrator’s office. Don’t forget to come back and see me, so I can show you where to start on your first day.” Doctor Shelley starts to walk out as Julie starts to change. “Nice girl. Paul always scares people, when he wants to say hello.” She then turns towards the south hallway and walks away, putting her mind back into her work, so that the day will pass a little quicker.

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