Chapter Four – Unwanted Guest

Shock hits both of their faces at the same time.

“Hello Mr. Gregory and Mrs. Jasmine.”  A voice invades the space.

Gregory recovers from his shock quicker than Jasmine.

“Hello…Yes we are here.  Who is it please?”

“This is Mr. Bill from the ISDA.  We would like to speak to you both if time permits.”

It sounded nothing like a request, but more like a demand.

They look at each other again for a moment.  “What is the ISDA?”  Gregory asks in confusion.  Those letters did not bring any government organization to mind, and he knew that only the government can override silent mode.

“Oh sorry, it is the International Security & Defense Administration.  May we have a meeting?”

Again the question was more like a demand.  Gregory and Jasmine looked at each other puzzled.  Then Jasmine asks, “When?”

“It would have to be now.”

They could not say no, for his tone was disturbing.  They did not know what to answer and then the voice spoke again, “It will not take long.  We have a few questions.”

Then it hit Jasmine like a ton of bricks, she remembered the warnings at the end of the Good News, about the forces that would keep them away.  She stands up and putting her hands in her jacket pocket in reflexive thought. In her left pocket she finds a chip, she pulls it out trying to remember where she got it from, and it only took a second for the memory to come back to her.  She walks from the couch to the wall where her device was inserted, it slides out and she grabs it.   Pulls a hidden rubber covering and inserts the chip in the add-on slot. The chip was a universal design and she was familiar with the design.  She then starts to program her device as quickly as possible.  Her skills in programming and design were very helpful given the circumstances.  “Give us five minutes please.”  She finally responds.

“In five minutes we will be at your entrance door.”

“Silent mode reactivated.”  The computer chimes in after the call ends.

“Gregory, this is what it said at the end of the Good News, that there will be forces to stops us from going on our new path.”

“That does not make sense we have not done anything that would be considered outside of the law.”

“Darling you are a law Professor, and you know the government has many laws that can be interrupted to suit their needs.”

Gregory thinks for a moment and sifts through his memories of law information.  He then realizes the laws were put in the books all to give control to the government and not to free people.  Why did he not see it before?  How could it have been so hidden, yet not?  The Good News had changed everything, even his thoughts about the world.

“What we do now?”  He asks finally.

“I added the relic chip into my device, maybe Philomena, the Saint, can help us with this chip and then I have cloaked everything on my device, the good thing is that there is none of this on yours.”

“Could they not find it?”

“They might but it will be very difficult.”

“Someone must have reported us or started talking about us on the channels.  On how we have changed and not have talked to friends or acquaintances for a while.”

“That is possible,” Jasmine responds, “but now we have to get through this and get out of here in the morning.”  She reaches for him and hugs him, “I do love you.”

He holds her tight, “I love you.”

“Urgent guest, silent mode override.”  The computer interrupts their hug.

They both turn and face the entryway.  A tall grey looking man in a uniform appears and on it the letters ISDA were visible.  Behind him a woman and a man in the same type of uniform follow him in.

“Good evening,” Mr. Bill begins.

“Good evening,” Gregory replies, “would you like to come in?”  He gestures for them to enter the living area.

“No thank you.  It will only be a few moments.  May we have a look at your devices?”  Again, in that demanding tone.

“Sure,” Jasmine hands her device and Gregory follows suite.

Mr. Bill takes them and hands one each to the persons behind him.  The woman and man start using the devices.

“It seems like in the last month you have stopped contact with your friends and coworkers after working cycles.  Why is that?”

Gregory was feeling very nervous and was about to say something, but Jasmine felt his nervousness and interrupts him.  “We have been having difficulty in our partnership because mostly of lack of time spend with each other.  So we decided to spend a month in with each other’s prescience to see if this partnership would continue or other modes of partnerships are needed.”

She said this in just a matter of fact.  Gregory envied her calmness.

“I see,” Mr. Bill replies.  He looks at Jasmine for ten seconds and then at Gregory.  “Any conclusions?”  He raises his eyebrow as he places the question.

Gregory this time finding courage from Jasmine and speaks up, “We have concluded that no outside partnerships are needed and we will continue this one, so tomorrow evening we will resume our communications again.”  Gregory was impressed with himself and he glances at Jasmine with a smile and she smiles back at him, “that is correct Mr. Bill.” she responds.

The man behind Mr. Bill hands him Gregory’s device without saying anything.  The Woman starts to do the same but she moves her head forward and whispers in Mr. Bill’s ear.  Both Gregory and Jasmine could not understand what she said.  Jasmine had butterflies now in her stomach.

“It looks like we will have to take this device with us for further investigation.  It might have been tampered with.”

Dread and silence falls on Jasmine, they will find out for sure with more experts going through her device.  Then Gregory speaks out.

“Mr. Bill per article 949 of citizen law 78 it states that a person is permitted twelve hours’ notice before handing over their device for detail analysis.  isn’t that correct?”

Mr. Bill cracks a wicked smile at Gregory, and then hands the devices over to them.  “Thank you for your cooperation this night, we will be back in eleven hours and fifty eight minutes to collect the device.  Have a good night.”

Mr. Bill does not wait for them to reply but turns and the other do the same and then they exit the apartment.  The door slides shut, “Silent mode reactivated.”

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