Watching the Sunset

Hello, everyone.  It has been a long time, but this night I could not sleep, because a few lines of this short (very short) story kept coming to mind as I was trying to sleep.  Earlier I was watching a movie called Testament (1983), and the line started to form from watching the movie.  I recommend watching it for it is an excellent movie with great acting, actors that became very famous later in their careers.

I hope you enjoy the story, thank you.

Watching the Sunset

I have been waiting a long time to come here, to walk away from civilization. I managed to make it after all this time of traveling to the perfect place. I remember the hussle and bustle of the city, the constant screens that captured my attention. I did not have time to just sit and reflect on the beauty that I was watching before my eyes at this moment.

I wish I had made it here sooner, but the time was never there,

at least I thought that way. Make more money, spend and save, and it was never enough. Time wasted wishing but never doing, longing for this vision of beauty and vibrant, but there I sat at a desk, in a building, in a city, just waiting.

What did I wait for, why for so long, and miss this that is before me? The big sun in the clear blue sky, getting ever more substantial as it marches towards the horizon. I had to run for so long to get here, and now for all things.

I have regrets as I sit below this marvelous pine on this mountaintop, waiting for the sunset to begin with its colors, changing from the blues to it brilliant red, to orange, and fading into darkness as the stars start to dance to their eternal tune, which only angels could here.

The clean air, with its smell of pine, and the grass around me fills my sense of smell, and I take a deep breath to catch it all, to imprint it on my mind so it will never leave me, even into eternity. My fingers touch the ground beneath me, and I fill my hands with the dirt and rocks, even the small stones that prick my skin do not bother me at this moment, I believe nothing can.

The sound of the wind is even amplified as it whispers into my ears the songs of ancient times, of great times, of love and mystery, of passion and serenity. The wind brushes my skin oh so gentle and enters my mouth to let me taste the milk and honey of the land, to fill me with the breath of God as I wait for the sunset.

My whole body tingles with the sensations of the world around me, and the emotions I feel at this moment enhance all my senses. My mind is open to all of them, I want to hold them as I sit under this pine tree, on this grass, touching, smelling, hearing, tasting and seeing all the world around me for the first time in my life as I watch for the sunset.

There it is, the fire in the sky is touching the horizon, I open my eyes even wider to take it all in, I throw the gun that lay on my chest down, I did not need it anymore. I cough a little as blood spills out and down my chin, and I knew that the wound was too much to heal from this time. I did not care, there was something much greater before me, even the growling sounds of the eaters of flesh, as the approach, I drown out for I am watching the sunset for the first and last time.

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